The Woman. The Legend. Patricia Chalkley.

Friends call her "Pat"...

...and she considers all of her beauty customers friends, so you can call her Pat too.  If you've never heard of Pat Chalkley then you've been missing out on maybe the best-kept secret in the fashion retail world.  This woman is a seasoned and respected professional in the cosmetics and beauty industry.  Although employed by Avon, she is very much a force of her own; and a force to be reckoned with, at that!  

Pat Chalkley is known to be fiercely protective of her customer's interests.  She stops at nothing to ensure 100% customer satisfaction at every stage of the game.  She insists that anyone and everyone check with her before spending a penny elsewhere, because she's known for getting clients some of the best deals money can buy.  Beauty is not cheap, but for Pat's customers it is!

Also, Pat can move fast!  So fast, in fact, her vehicle is known as The Silver Bullet because it never slows down.  Which mean, logically, Pat must be gunpowder in the bullet!  She certainly ignites easily when talking about her passions:  beauty, cosmetics, fashion, and lots more.  Try and keep up with her, you might just get whiplash!

Patricia Chalkley, or Pat, as she is regularly known, is one of Avon's busiest representatives. Filled with entrepreneurial spirit and seemingly endless drive, Pat never slows down. "People call my truck the Silver Bullet, because it never sits still," she laughs, "I hop in, and just go from place to place, never slowing down!" A more accurate truth has never been uttered. Ms. Chalkley certainly keeps busy with her own piece of the Avon dream. As a retired worker from the Virginia Department of Transportation, Patricia Chalkley led an esteemed career and currently applies her diligence and ambition to her meteoric rise through Avon's sales force. Much like Avon's passionate dedication to quality and customer service, Pat Chalkley perfectly embodies this same mission. She cares deeply about those who entrust her with their beauty requirements. This personal approach has been integral in her growth within and alongside the Avon corporation.

"Working for Avon offers the ideal flexibility for my schedule where I can be my own boss and set my schedule," says Patricia. "It also provides me the amazing opportunity to meet new people and find customers in so many social settings. And since Avon is such a top-rated product its quality speaks for itself. Working for Avon is an immensely gratifying career."

Patricia Chalkley is most definitely one of a kind.  After all, how many Avon sales professionals do you know who've been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the CW, and more?  Not too many, we're sure.  But Pat has been in the news all over those networks' affiliates throughout the United States.  Why?  Because her's is a story worth telling and telling and telling again. Do yourself a favor:  Stop reading this bio page and go buy yourself something beautiful.

A Fashion Passion

Here at  PatriciaChalkley.com we like to say things like, "Just ask Pat!" or "Pat will meet you there!" or "Pat will take care of you!"  These aren't just expressions.  Pat's interactive approach to beauty and fashion sales is second to none.  She's not just the Avon lady... she is The Avon Lady!